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God and the Fascists: The Vatican Alliance with Mussolini, Franco, Hitler, and Pavelic [Karlheinz Deschner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying.
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The sheer weight of the evidence that he has brought together in this book raises a host of questions about a powerful institution that continues to exercise political influence to this day.

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He is best known for his multivolume Criminal History of Christianity , the tenth volume of which was published in March He has enthralled and provoked his audiences over the years with more than two thousand public lectures. Learn more at www.

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Thereupon, Italy generously regulated the position of the pope with the Law of Guarantees of May 13, It declared his person to be "holy and invulnerable," guaranteed him authority over all Catholic superiors, permitted him a bodyguard, and gave him the use of the completely tax-exempted Vatican buildings and gardens, the Lateran, and the Castel Gandolfo, including the museums, libraries, and collections located there; these would, however, remain the sovereign territory or property of Italy.

Furthermore, he was guaranteed complete freedom to exercise his spiritual office, the representatives of foreign governments at the Holy See were granted all the privileges usually accorded to diplomats, and Italian officials were banned from intruding into the papal palaces. And finally, as compensation for the loss of Papal State income, there was a tax-free endowment of 3. The liquidation of the Papal States and the occupation of Rome by the Italians, the "crime," as Pius IX put it, led to the so-called Roman Question, for whose solution, according to the statement of the Italian politician Francesco Crispi, a man who had an inclination toward mediation, the greatest statesman of all time would be required.

During the First World War, for which the Vatican was partly responsible, the pope understandably did not sympathize with Italy. He supported the Central powers, which is why the Catholic French and Belgians in particular continuously cursed him as a "Boche" and the diplomats of Germany and Austria who had been accredited to him had to leave Rome in Indeed, the Italian government even made it a condition of their participation in the war, in the papal clause of the London agreement, that the Vatican stay away from the peace negotiations!


But on the other side of the Central powers, the thought of a new Avignon was propagated during the war. The handover of one of the old spiritual principalities of Salzburg, Trento, Bressanone, or Liechtenstein to the pope as a papal state was considered. There was also discussion in this regard about one of the Calabrian or Dalmatian islands as well as Elba. But all plans of this nature remained unfulfilled after the Central powers' cause was lost and because the Vatican had supported them during the war, in particular in , when the nuncio Pacelli conducted intensive peace negotiations on their behalf, the victorious states did not even think of lifting a finger to help the pope.

And apart from that, Britain was antipapal; France, anticlerical; Russia, Bolshevist. And since in Italy itself the liberal regime seemed to be tipping toward a socialist or communist one, there was hardly any hope for a solution to the Roman Question. In this nearly hopeless situation, the Vatican made its first contacts to a man to whom Konrad Adenauer sent a telegraph in saying that his name would be entered into the history of the Catholic Church written with golden letters—Benito Mussolini.

Pope Pius XI, elected at the fourteenth ballot in , had already been following the new party Partito Fascista with great interest as Cardinal Archbishop Ratti of Milan. It has, in fact, even been claimed that his predecessor, Benedict XV, had, in the last days of his life, "sent special attestations of his favor" to the then director of the Milan journal Popolo d'Italia. Mussolini was certainly an atheist.

Fascism Explained: World History Review

His first essay, published in and titled "There is No God," was about the nonexistence of God. He called him a "monstrous product of human ignorance," and Jesus, if he ever even existed, "a small and mean piccolo e meschino person. Borgese in his excellent Mussolini book, "had a vendetta been declared so ruthlessly on Christian ethics and religiousness as by the Fascist theory of state and war. A merciless fight between the two powers seemed inevitable. But only one year later, in the summer of , the Fascist leader announced "that the only universal idea that exists in Rome today is the one that emanates from the Vatican.

Peter's Square, where the presence of the president, vice president and secretary of the Fascist Party attracted considerable attention. For a while the Duce remained silent, moved, as if he wanted to quantify the force of the picture before him, then he said: 'It is incredible that the liberal governments have not realized that the universality of the papacy, the heir to the universality of the Roman Empire, represents the greatest glory of the history and tradition of Italy. Apart from the characteristics that I would call religious he also possesses those that make him agreeable to the mundane world.

He is a man of profound historical, political and philosophical education who has seen much of other countries and is very familiar with the situation in Eastern Europe.


What was Mussolini thinking of? Had he been converted? Had he become a theist or even a pious Catholic? Not at all! He thought no differently of Catholicism than he had done when he assumed power. Even his public speeches confirm this. The aim of this new edition, published by Prometheus Books, is to ensure it is not forgotten.

With richness of detail, historically founded, and by mining a vast number of sources, it proves that after the First World War, the chance was seized to turn the wheel of history back together with the rising Fascist movements.

God and the fascists : the Vatican alliance with Mussolini, Franco, Hitler, and Pavelic

This unholy Catholic alliance with the supposedly lesser—Fascist—evil led to the greatest catastrophe in human history: the Second World War and the Holocaust. As a reward, they received—by means of the Lateran Pacts—the Vatican State back, a sovereign, stately construct, albeit reduced in size, and the monstrous sum of one billion lire in state bonds and million lire in cash. These assets formed the basis of the Vatican Bank, which is under strict observation from the American supervisory authorities today because of its machinations, suspicion of money laundering, and proximity to the Mafia.

And the Vatican helped the Nazis to power according to exactly the same pattern and under the same premises.

God And The Fascists - The Vatican Alliance With Mussolini Franco Hitler And Pavelic paperback

The subsequent dictatorship set the catastrophe in motion. The historical lie that nobody at the time knew who they were dealing with is clearly disproved by Karlheinz Deschner. Pope Pius XII. He, who had the reputation of being an outstanding connoisseur and friend of Germany, harvested the fruits of that collaboration on July 20, , in the form of the concordat with Nazi Germany. This treaty under international law still has constitutional status in the Federal Republic of Germany to this day Article It regulates the friendly relations between the Holy See and the German Reich; state religious education was introduced under it, with a status equal to that of the other subjects taught, the payment of salaries from religious-education teachers to bishops by the state from public tax revenue is guaranteed and church tax collected by the state—to this day, let it be noted—a new phenomenon that was to have far-reaching consequences.

Workers must publicly declare their religious confession, losing their previously constitutional right to keep this silent, and employers are obliged to take part in the collection of the ecclesiastical obolus. A church state was born!

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In the so-called church struggle, which is supposed to have been the expression of church resistance, the church stood up only for its own interests, never against Hitler, never against the war, and never for the Jewish population. They dreamt of the end of Orthodoxy, the end of communism, and the Catholicization of Russia. Because a military conflict within the western camp made the outcome of the war unpredictable. After the military defeat of France, this dream seemed to be well within reach, and in the whole world was convinced that Hitler would win the war.

We learn from Karlheinz Deschner how the invasion of the Soviet Union on June 22, , was openly welcomed, not only by the German episcopate, and how unlimited their enthusiasm for Hitler and agitations against Russia were. There may even have been a secret feeling of satisfaction in light of the two thousand years of Christian anti-Judaism. In any case, the pope never condemned the Nazi pogroms against the Jews, not even when the Jews were rounded up before his eyes, so to speak, and taken away. The Vatican was even more deeply involved in Fascist crimes in Croatia, where the Franciscans played a leading role in the atrocities perpetrated there, which were so brutal that even the Germans complained.

Seven hundred fifty thousand Serbs fell victim to this regime with clerical help, and often after brutal torture, as did 80 percent of the Jews in Yugoslavia.