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Includes 17 all-new illustrations! Features a young cast of characters discovering the mysteries and majesty of the world around them. Includes twenty illustrations throughout drawn from the point of view of Aram, the main character. The Steamwhistle.

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Sign In. Jump to: navigation , search. For the first part, see Traveler. Traveler: The Spiral Path. Whale Shark Attack. Warcraft books. Ah, well, ya can't win 'em all. Kinda hate when you invest so much time in a book and it ends up being a disappointment. O'Brien, the landlady, asked cheerfully View all 24 comments.


Shelves: borrowed , contemporary , ebooks , romance. It is not that I hate romance, rather it is that I hate things contriving to come together and every single crooked bit of the jigsaw is made to fit in at the end of the book. Romance genre is more fantasy-prone than the Fantasy genre itself. What I prefer to Romance is Contemporary, where love happens, affairs happen, but those are shown in a different light - sometimes happy, sometimes sad, with co incidence 2.

What I prefer to Romance is Contemporary, where love happens, affairs happen, but those are shown in a different light - sometimes happy, sometimes sad, with co incidences and tying up of threads not stressed upon. And I am not too happy with the correlation between the story and title. I was eager to find what "spiral path" actually meant - towards the end there is a line saying that the hero "felt that he was falling through space in a spiral path" - when he could no more tolerate the calamities happening to him.

But I am not happy with this explanation. Overall, a decent book. The story of two seperated actor couple, who are forced into proximity when the wife decides to become a director and takes upon the husband as the lead role, and the movie starts somewhat unintentionally paralleling their lives. There are many support characters, all as sugary and syrupy and intolerable as the main lead, and a couple of bad guys, Nigel Stone being the prototype of "Bad".

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I didn't like the names too - Kenzy and Rainey And all the routine formulaic tear jerker and heart string puller stuff were also there. Am rambling on View all 8 comments. A very well written romance. Thoroughly enjoyed.

Recommend highly. View 2 comments. Jul 03, Tina rated it did not like it Shelves: doormat-spineless-heroines , sexually-abused , hero-was-raped. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This was such an honest review, that I wanted to post it here as well.

I'm sorry. I wanted to like this book. I really did. But these characters were caricatures of the worst of the 70's and 80's romance.

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Poor, pitiful me. The world done me wrong. I can't be held responsible for how my actions affect other people. What he went through as a child was horrible. He is not a child anymore.

He's a grown man of wealth and power that most men can only dream of. There are thousands of people out there, therapists, counselors, psychologists, etc who make it their life's work to help people like him. He could have gotten help. Instead, he plays mind-games with his wife. He can't even be honest with her and say, "Raine, I am seriously screwed up.

I can't be married to you. How gutless and cruel can you get? And Rainey. Slap a "Doormat Heroine" sign on this woman, because no matter how much you stomp on her, she'll come back for more. No matter how badly she is treated, she will forgive, because she's the Heroine, dammit! And the Heroine can never be angry at being mistreated! Raine actually spends several pages beating herself up because she walked away from her husband when she caught him with another woman!

Tortured Hero, Doormat Heroine. Add it all together and it equals Man being cured of his demons by Love of a Good Woman. This man is seriously sick! He needs therapy, not sex and "I love you so much, I'll lie down and let you trample me until you are cured, darling!

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He is too damaged to be a husband and father. The pill didn't work! And suddenly, he is thrilled. I'm so happy! We've seen this story before, in the hand of lessor writers. I expected more from MJP. Apr 08, Dangermousie rated it it was ok Shelves: aaangst , horrible-childhood-of-h-h , hurt-comfort , romance. I like stories of people working through relationships to those of falling in love, so that helps. This said, regarding the hero's trauma - ummmm I mean, if I am going "oh, you got adopted by a pedophile!

That's a huge improvement in your life! Also, if Ms.

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Putney knows anything about either surgery or the law, I'll eat my shoes. Don't even get me started on the whole 'the hero's face is not his own' stuff. I laughed long and hard. I think we have a winner for worst backstory in a contemporary romance novel because nothing is going to beat the backstory in Acheron for the worst backstory ever. If there ever was a character who needed major therapy, that would be it! Also, if I were the heroine, I'd be all "ummmm, here is your prozac prescription, see you never" because I think dealing with that mess would take more optimism than I possess.

I kid, I kid. I ship them super madly precisely because this is emo trashy fun. Where would you like to go? When you go at last on foot, by bike, or in a car, as you prefer, and resume daily life in country, suburb, city, or on your island, yours is now a soul that has been, if but briefly, on a spiral path.

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